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Bulletin, a provider of cloud-based mobile messaging Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), announced today the release of a native iPhone app companion to its popular Bulletin Messenger messaging platform, extending the functionality of Bulletin Messenger to a native app interface.

The Messenger app extends Bulletin’s user interface beyond web-enabled devices so users are no longer required to use a mobile browser to connect with their contacts. The app creates a more native and convenient experience for Bulletin users and allows them to maintain communication directly from their smartphones.

“No longer tied to a mobile browser, Bulletin’s Messenger app capabilities provide users with a simple, accessible interface directly from their iPhone,” explains Jason Harris, Application Development Manager. “Combining the most effective benefits from Bulletin’s original web interface – including chat messaging, threaded conversations, and bulk messaging – this app offers a new level of simplified communication via both web and mobile data.”

Customers will be able to manage bulk and enterprise messaging from their phone

Customers will be able to manage bulk and enterprise messaging from their phone and take advantage of the recent rise in mobile devices. Bulletin allows employees of any company to receive mission-critical messages while on the go and communicate in a controlled and managed environment. Through this advanced interface, business and personal traffic remain separate and administrators are able to perform functions without disrupting personal communications on individual mobile devices.

“What makes Bulletin’s app unique is the level of constant connectivity with others over web and mobile devices,” says Michael Messner, Vice President of Business Development, Bulletin. “When leveraging a web-based network, customers have the ability to send and receive free OTT messages. If they are out of data range, Bulletin’s Messenger app seamlessly converts the message to SMS. It’s a very robust unified communications platform. No matter what the circumstances, you can be assured that your messages are received.”

For those of you on Android who are interested in the service, Bulletin has an Android app in the works and it is expected to be released in early 2015. Download it via iTunes.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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