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LINE has just launched the sequel to its popular LINE POP game, a match 3 puzzle game that garnered over 47 million downloads globally on iOS and Android.

LINE POP 2 brings a new hexagonal shape to its game boards, providing new challenges for fans of the original game, which retains its cookie look and feel. Thanks to the new hexagon play, the blocks can be moved in six directions — up, down, or four directions diagonally — rather than simply up and down and across. Move the blocks and join three of the same character to clear them. You’ll have a limited number of moves to clear each level.

There are a larger variety of special blocks in LINE POP 2:

In addition to clearing blocks in rows of four of five, clearing them in V, X, or Y patterns will produce even more powerful special blocks. Clear these special blocks and watch them do their magic! Use special blocks strategically to achieve some pretty impressive results.

Clear the blocks around the Waffles to destroy them, but beware of the Honey blocks that absorb other blocks!

Each level has a mission and you’ll have to accomplish that mission to move to the next level. After clearing 15 to 20 levels, you will proceed to the next chapter.

Ready to play? Download LINE POP 2 via Google Play or iTunes for free. Also, be sure to check out other games for LINE app as well.

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