Fri. Jul 3rd, 2020

BBM is the Most Popular Messaging Application in Indonesia thanks to BBM Money, Mobile Commerce

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It’s true that BlackBerry Messenger still lags behind WhatsApp in overall popularity, but the app has been making some notable moves in some parts of the world.

In Indonesia, for instance, 79% of the country’s mobile users use the BBM platform. This puts BlackBerry’s Messenger ahead of WhatsApp in 2nd and Naver’s LINE in 3rd. On average, users in Indonesia spend 23.3 minutes per day on BBM, versus 6.2 for WhatsApp and one minute for LINE.

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This number comes from recent research conducted by Nielsen (via).

The popularity of BBM in the region is attributed to mobile commerce and add-on features like BBM Money, which is an exclusive app add-on for Indonesian users (find out more about BBM Money).

the popularity of BBM in Indonesia is attributed to mobile commerce and BBM Money

As of last month, BlackBerry Messenger has 91 million users across all of the major mobile platforms it services. Even as the rest of the company fights to turn itself around, the BBM division continues to perform quite well, even in the face of so much competition.

BlackBerry Messenger is available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone.