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We first saw LINE Maps for Indoor way back at the beginning of October, when it was revealed alonside other business ventures being pursued by LINE.

LINE Maps for Indoor will help you keep from getting lost as well as provide you with important information about locations within shopping malls, department stores, and other indoor facilities.

LINE Maps for Indoor is recommended for use when:

  • You want to find the shortest route to a specific shop in a large and complicated shopping center.
  • You want to tell your friends where you are so you can meet with them without any hassle.
  • You want to find restrooms in department stores that have nursery rooms or powder rooms.
  • You want to recommend friends visiting from other countries shops in their native language.

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Once you’ve designated the shops or restaurants you want to go within the facility you’re in — using specific keywords in the Search function or browsing detailed categories — LINE Maps for Indoor will display a list of the main facilities in your area based on your GPS information and will show you the quickest route from your location, as well as provide you with shop information that you can share on a variety of social networking services.

LINE Maps for Indoor helps you find the best route to locations

The best route will be displayed using precise location information to provide you with the best way to move on the floor you are on as well as the best way to move in between floors with elevators or escalators.

Right now, the app supports maps for 37 major facilities (Japan only), including Shibuya Hikarie and Tokyo Midtown. The app is available in five languages, including Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), English, Japanese and Korean, ensuring that tourists visiting Japan can also use the app.

LINE Maps for Indoor will be released first on Android, with iOS support coming at a later date. No word on Windows Phone or BlackBerry support yet. You can download the Android version via Google Play.

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