Vonage Mobile App Brings New Functionality Thanks to Integration With Android Wear

Vonage’s mobile app has always been targeted directly to smartphone users, but that’s changing thanks to newly-announced integration with the Android Wear platform.

Thanks to this new integration, the VoIP calling app allows smartwatch users to reject incoming calls with a double tap gesture and reply to text messages without having to pull out their phone. After double tapping, the caller gets an automatic reply with a pre-set “can’t talk right now” message.

Vonage, Android Wear, Vonage Mobile app

Android Wear users can also respond to text messages with voice-to-text functionality or with one of five preset responses:

“our newest app update responds to a growing market demand in wearable technology”

  • “I’m in!”
  • “In a meeting, can’t talk right now”
  • “Busy, ttyl?”
  • “Running late, be there soon”
  • “I’ll talk to you soon”

You can also mirror your phone’s notifications and integrate with the phone’s native contact list when using the Android Wear functionality.

“At Vonage, we believe communications should be easily accessible any time, anywhere, on any device, and our newest app update responds to a growing market demand in wearable technology,” said Grady Leno, Vice President of Product Management, Mobile Services. “As consumer habits evolve, we know that seamless communication with smartwatches will be a must-have not just for early adopters but for everyone.”

The Android Wear-compatible version of the Vonage Mobile App is now available in the Google Play Store.