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Stockholm-based communications platform Sinch announced today that they are launching their new SMS API worldwide, enabling any developer to easily add social features into their apps and websites. Sinch says the integration can be done “in minutes using only a few lines of code.” The integration will allow users to send text messages and will also provide a way for devs to send download links, app notifications, discount offers or promo codes.

Sinch says the new API is designed to be low cost, easy and seamless, allowing developers to sidestep the usual issues with launching SMS capability, including having to make deals with SMS termination providers and then have to manage everything themselves. Many small developers lack the resources to be able to take on such a venture and often lose out to larger companies that do.

Sinch says it stands apart from other services like Twilio and Nexmo with the simplest and most affordable way to create a powerful in-app communications experience.

“the big idea around in-app communications is to help reduce friction and offer a more compelling experience”

New features of the Sinch voice and messaging platform include:

  • Notifications: Notify your customers or users (including those who don’t have your app installed) instantly without relying on push notifications.
  • Two-factor authentication and account verification: Send an SMS with a unique code to verify user account information.
  • Marketing campaigns: Send messages and promotions to your customers via SMS.
  • Drive downloads: Remove friction and add an option for your users to enter their mobile number on your website and receive an SMS with a download link to your app.

“Whether you’re a travel destination site that wants to power a better customer experience on mobile or a retailer looking to send a compelling offer or discount, the big idea around in-app communications is to help reduce friction and offer a more compelling experience so your users don’t have to jump through unnecessary hoops or leave your app to accomplish what they want,” said Andreas Bernström, CEO of Sinch.

Mobile-first communications platform surpasses 4 billion minutes in calls connected since inception
Since its launch in May, Sinch developer sign ups have increased by 25 percent month over month, and the company is projecting to have more than 6,000 developers signed up by end of year. The company is also announcing having passed a new milestone of more than 4 billion minutes in calls connected since inception and projects it will be adding 750 developer signups a week by the end of 2015.

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Some of the early use cases have targeted developers in a broad range of app categories including travel, communications, dating, gaming, social networking, commerce and finance.

The company also announced the signing of several new customers including Swedbank, one of the largest banks in Sweden with more than 9.5 million retail customers and 600,000 corporate accounts, which is now using Sinch to send fleet management notifications to the 15,000 drivers of its company cars.

“The Sinch SMS API was really easy to implement and did just what I needed,” said Robert Bergman, head of fleet management at Swedbank.

Spun out of VoIP giant Rebtel with $12 million in funding back in May, Sinch provides developers worldwide with all the tools they need to capitalize on the massive demand among consumers for app-to-app, app-to-phone, and web-based calling and messaging.

“new features can be added [to apps] quickly and securely”

“We’re in a great position to help developers take advantage of huge time and cost savings while implementing a much needed communication layer into their offerings,” said Daniel Forsman, COO of Sinch. “Sinch takes all the hassle out of the integration process, so new features can be added quickly and securely. By implementing new communication features, not only can developers create richer apps, they can help drive up active users and time spent within their products.”

If you’re a developer, you can find out more information at and can also find pricing in this article as well as a messaging tutorial via the embedded video above.

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