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Business and leisure travelers will find it a little easier to procure a OneSimCard roaming SIM now that the global carrier has partnered with Malaysia Airlines’ Temptations Magazine Team and Inflight Sales Group to offer Malaysia Airlines’ customers OneSimCards on international flights.

OneSimCard says it offers international travelers an average discount of about 85% off the voice, text messaging and internet data roaming rates offered by major telecoms carriers. If you’re a OneSimCard customer, you can also look forward to free incoming calls in 160+ countries and outgoing international roaming calls beginning at US $0.25 per minute. Internet Data rates begin at US$0.13 per MB. OneSimCard comes with both a European and US mobile phone number, with additional phone numbers available in 65+ countries.

OneSimCard provides roaming services in over 200 countries

As with other travel sim card services, OneSimCard works worldwide in unlocked GSM devices and phones and replaces domestic carrier SIM cards, providing international roaming services in over 200 countries. Also similar to other services, OneSimCard is prepaid and does not require any contract. There are also no connection fees, subscription fees or monthly maintenance fees.

Find out more about the OneSimCard service via our OneSimCard page

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