Thu. Aug 6th, 2020

BBM Shop Hits 1 Billion Views as Stickers, Games Become More Popular Commodities

BBM, BlackBerry Messenger, Stickers

If you’ve ever purchased a BBM sticker set for yourself, you’re part of a growing set of users who have decided to embrace stickers sold by various messaging apps as a form of expression and a way to personalize messages.

Today, BlackBerry has announced that its BBM Shop has run up 1 billion total views since its launch on Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

BBM, BlackBerry Messenger, messaging and social software

“72% of users with access to BBM Shop interact with our ‘virtual goods'”

“Since we released the BBM Shop in early 2014, traffic has been increasing. Today, 72% of users with access to BBM Shop interact with our “virtual goods” (stickers, music, games, etc.) each month. In total, virtual goods have generated more than 3 billion total impressions, racking up more than a billion every month. The first billion took 5.5 months. The second billion took 3 months. The third billion took less than a month.”

BlackBerry also revealed that users’ interactions with virtual goods have shot up over 200% in the last six weeks or so.

The company also announced that it is now offering airtime transfer in the BBM Shop so you can keep talking to your friends even if they run out of airtime on their phone and are unable to top up their accounts.

Download the latest version of BBM here.