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Voxox today announced that its wholesale SMS delivery has tripled in volume since the same time last year, both due to new customer contracts and expansion of usage from existing customers.

Accessible through a web-service API, Voxox SMS Solutions provide an end-to-end wholesale offering designed to address the needs of businesses looking to SMS-enable their products, services and customer communications.

“Businesses across the globe are increasingly using SMS”

The offering includes outbound SMS coverage to virtually any destination worldwide and inbound SMS delivery to the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

“Businesses across the globe are increasingly using SMS for customer notifications, identity verification, and other customer interactions for which the SMS format is ideal due to its brevity and instant reach,” said Bryan Hertz, CEO of Voxox. “We are thrilled to see such tremendous growth and demand for our wholesale SMS services, and we anticipate similar results in the coming months and years.”

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Ideal for enterprises, multi-factor authentication companies, and other aggregators, Voxox wholesale SMS services provide businesses with the ability to send:

  • One-way SMS notifications – for example, sending a text to subscribers regarding the status of a delayed flight.
  • Two-way communication with SMS-enabled DIDs – for example, verifying a customer’s identity.

“We are seeing a lot of interest in our wholesale SMS services”

Outbound delivery is worldwide via long code and, in the U.S., via both long and short code (shared and dedicated). Inbound SMS delivery is offered via both long code (U.S., Canada, and United Kingdom) and dedicated short code (U.S. only).

Minimum usage for SMS Solutions is 20,000 texts per month.

“We are seeing a lot of interest in our wholesale SMS services domestically and internationally, and have heard particular enthusiasm from customers about our rates in the North America and Latin America regions,” added Corey Hertz, director of wholesale products at Voxox. “Our award-winning service delivery platform, flexible routing options, and global portfolio of direct carrier relationships allow us to offer some of the industry’s most competitive rates and desirable features to our wholesale customers.”

More information about Voxox SMS Solutions is available at www.voxox.com/business.

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