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German secure instant messaging app Threema recently opened its messaging API to companies and organizations. The company says its app became an instant hit in Europe when Facebook bought WhatsApp and millions fled to the secure messenger for privacy reasons. To this day, “Threema” remains one of the most downloaded paid app in Germany’s app stores.

Threema Gateway brings encrypted messages to companies and organizations

Now, “Threema Gateway” brings secure instant messaging and the same level of confidence to the corporate world. It allows companies and organizations to send, receive and decrypt messages to and from mobile devices directly from their own applications using Open Source software provided by Threema.

In a press release, the company described the new Threema Gateway as “very easy to integrate, versatile” and said it “offers the highest possible security through end-to-end encryption based on the reliable NaCl cryptography library.” You can integrate Threema backend into your own software environment with PHP, Java and Python.

Threema is the first crypto messenger providing an end-to-end encryption API.

Threema Gateway, Threema messaging, Secure social apps

“Threema Gateway” has a lot of use cases. The company laid out a few examples below:

  • Forwarding of encrypted emails
  • Confidential customer communications
  • mTAN, OTP (one-time passwords)
  • Alarms for emergency services, IT, technical installations
  • Secure password exchange
  • Secure news channel for internal company communications

encrypt the messages directly on your server

Some other offerings of the Threema Gateway include:

  • The encryption in Threema is verifiable. You encrypt the messages directly on your server using open source software
  • Asymmetric cryptography guarantees that only the intended recipient can read your messages
  • Threema messages can be received without mobile network coverage as long as there is a working Internet connection
  • Reliable delivery receipts
  • Customized sender IDs ensure brand recognition Example ID: *THREEMA
  • SDK and source code available in Java, PHP and Python
  • Signup for free, no recurring fees. Rates per outgoing message start at CHF 0.02 / USD 0.02 / € 0.017

Threema’s messaging app is currently available for Windows Phone, Android, and iPhone.

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