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XXSIM is one of many international SIM card services that we cover here on TruTower, and over the weekend the company announced some rate reductions for international travelers who intend on roaming in Pakistan or Cape Verde Island.

First, for Cape Verde Island a pretty massive drop in SMS rates occurred, moving from EUR 0.65 per message to a new rate of EUR 0.35 per message, resulting in a notable EUR 0.30 savings (about $0.33 per minute USD). As anyone who texts knows, these savings can rack up pretty quick, with the new rates resulting in about EUR 30.00 ($33.00 USD) in savings for every 100 text messages.

Those who are traveling to Pakistan will also find their calling rates pleasantly reduced. Both incoming and outgoing rates were affected by this change. The new incoming rate is now EUR 0.19 instead of EUR 0.25. For outgoing calls, you can look forward to a reduction to EUR 0.65 instead of EUR 0.75. All of these rates are on a per minute basis.

Get yourself an XXSIM SIM Card or check out more rates by visiting the XXSIM website.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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