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Enterprise mobile messaging start-up U&Me Plus, which was developed by U&Me Communications — a reputed communication services provider — is ready to improve the enterprise communication in a more secure manner.

U&Me Plus is a secure enterprise messaging application designed explicitly for the mobile workforce. It pools a wonderful user experience with safety, data protection and management features that are necessary for enterprise consumers in the modern age. Consider U&Me Plus, one more application to participate in the consumerization of the enterprise trend by developing a business-class messaging application that looks more like something that a user might want to download to message their friends.

U&Me Plus has many features that are suited for enterprise users. Let’s begin with the similarities of U&Me Plus to consumer messaging applications already on the market.

U&Me Plus has everything that you expect from a consumer application — contact list, emojis, group chat, stickers — albeit with business-centric themes. In addition, according to U&Me Communications, it boasts “incredible” message delivery speed.

Contrasting to some business messaging apps that limit conversation only to the employees in an enterprise, U&Me Plus allows users to broadcast secure messages to friends outside their enterprise in addition to their coworkers. The application consists of a separate contact list to allow users quickly message coworkers.

What the users don’t see is the administration and security features that have been developed into the app. The messages are subjected to enterprise-grade encryption. The application has an API which enables enterprises to hook U&Me Plus into their business applications and blast notifications to the users. Also, it provides enterprises with administration tools to offer more granular controls on user’s access and security to the network of associates in an enterprise.

When an employee is terminated, it’s easy to ensure they can no longer message others or have access to shared documents.

the app was developed to simplify conversations for a more mobile workforce

According to the company, the application was developed to simplify conversations for a more mobile workforce. The product manager of U&Me Plus said that the common problem faced by employers today is the usage of consumer messaging apps by their employees.

In many retail outlets, consider the case of floor managers who never use email for work communication, instead embracing other forms of communication such as messaging apps. In such cases, their email ID is the phone number issued by the company, but many of these users might be utilizing a combination of SMS and messaging applications to get in touch with other employees, which might be frowned upon by many employers.

Consequently, U&Me Plus is less likely a competitor to collaboration and communication tools available in the market, but a tool that U&Me Communications says is designed to substitute all the consumer texting apps that are used for businesses.

An engaged workforce is always beneficial for business, leading to better profitability, better productivity, and reduced turnover. U&Me Plus boosts employee engagement in such a way that each team member gets a change to voice their opinions.

U&Me Plus works on all platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, and even the web. Find out more about the service via the company’s website.

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