Sat. Jul 4th, 2020

Latest Snapchat update on iOS and Android gives you more control over your data usage

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In an update being released earlier this on iOS and Android, Snapchat has decided to give data back to the users with its new Travel Mode.

Travel Mode lets you prevent snaps, Discover content, Stories, and more from updating, which will do a lot for those using limited data plans, especially if you’re using a travel SIM card. You can load the snaps one by one manually by simply tapping the snaps in question.

Also new with the update is a feature called Sticker Picker which lets you add a little emoji to your snaps free of the line of text. You’ll find a new icon on the top right of the camera screen that will allow you to choose an emoji for your photos and videos.

In addition, you can also now export customized Snapcodes as a video file, which makes it a lot easier to share on social networks like Facebook or Instagram.

Secondly, if you tap on the eye near the number of views on your snap, you can now see the list of those who have viewed your snap, streamlining this process.

The new update is now available.