Fête app, iOS and Android planning, plan events and dinners

Available today, Fête reimagines the digital invitation card as a richer medium for social planning and group messaging and offers a way for you to plan events such as brunch date with best friends or a birthday extravaganza with all friends.

Over 10 billion digital invitations are sent annually through Facebook, Evite, text message, and email. Yet most invites don’t actualize into events because they’re made using burdensome, planner-dependant solutions like Evite or cluttered, disorganized solutions like group messaging. Fête says it promises to “break through the silence that often greets digital invites sent through Evite and Facebook” in order to get more people together.

“We aim to solve these problems by keeping the event conversation organized on our stylish, smart invitation cards, and ensure completion through group collaboration and data-driven notifications,” said co-founder Sanket Shah.

Fete app, plan social events, event planner

Fete lets you create a title for your invite card and customize the details yourself, and you can also enlist your friends’ help to suggest places and dates for your happenings. Other features the app includes consist of ratings, descriptions, calendars, and comments. The app even notifies your friends of events whether they have the app or not — those who do not have the app downloaded (i.e. Windows Phone users) can fully interact with the cards through text message and soon through their email and calendar.

“With our multimodal smart cards, we’re seeing average RSVP rates of 84%, over twice that of existing services. That’s a game-changer. You simply title a card, and our technology can handle the rest,” explained co-founder Raj Parikh.

Eventually, Fête says it will allow the app to “send personalized recommendations for dinners, festivals, and other events” featuring local businesses that you can then forward to your friends. Many of these businesses are already partnering with Fête, and the feature itself will launch sometime “in the near future.”

The app can be downloaded on iOS via iTunes App Store and Android via Google Play.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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