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Today Skype 7.13 for Mac was released, adding in support for Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan, bringing Skype up to speed to support the latest Apple operating system. This support also includes support for Split View mode in El Capitan, which helps you with multitasking, such as planning a trip with a group of friends on Skype while browsing travel sites on the side.

Skype team says it has also made it easier to automatically add friends that are also using the Skype service, letting you simply go to Contacts and click Add Contacts like you can do on Windows desktop devices. You’ll be able to add address book contacts and verify your mobile number so that your contacts can find you on Skype.

Skype also fixed an issue that caused Skype to “crash on quit for some users” according to the changelog. The new version does include a known issue that makes performance slow when “switching to a conversation with large number of participants” when running on the new OS. There’s not yet a workaround, but Skype says it is hard at work on resolving the issue.

You can download the new Skype for Mac here.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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