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Did you ever face a situation where you need to dig your address book to find the personal number of your colleagues, simply to know where they are?

It is a situation faced by most of us many times. The advent of messages and instant chats has simplified the way we connect with people. Nevertheless, on an enterprise front, sharing personal numbers may be undesirable and sometimes uncomfortable for employees. All these issues laid the foundation for enterprise messaging apps, which are secure to communicate corporate information and eliminate the need to share personal contact number. Simply adding the work email ID provides you complete access to your co-workers’ contact information.

Enterprise messaging apps are meant for team collaboration; group chat features can be extremely beneficial for remote teams. First, let’s focus on the benefits of group chat for businesses and later we’ll introduce some enterprise messaging apps with exceptional group chat features.

How Group Chat Benefits Businesses?

To bridge the void between personal and enterprise use, another class of communication applications is being created that is particularly focused on companies. These applications grasp the positives from both universes and are keeping up a parity with the natural IM ease of using alternatives alongside security elements and administration choices suitable for the workplace environment.

The proliferation of social media has expanded the methods and modes used for communication. Now, employees are communicating with their colleagues using text messages, emails, Skype, U&Me Plus and HipChat across multiple platforms. There are many other options that people are using to identify the best application for their needs.

The new age enterprise messaging apps can be very useful for your company as they can be customized or tailored according to your individual needs. All these apps are tailor made to provide the level of security required by your business along with a comprehensive suite that helps users to send messages, videos, emails, images, links and even location coordinates with colleagues.

These applications are evidencing to be an exceptional technique to fill the void between the yesterday’s generation who is becoming habituated to social media and today’s employees who is yet to enter the job market that is grown along with social media.

In addition, the application developers also know the degree of comfort that users like in the current applications while they chat with their family and friends. Also, it is a difficult task to make them accustomed to a new edge and usability scheme. Therefore, there is a necessity that the new applications must contain designs and user-friendliness similar to that of the existing applications but having the additional facility to message coworkers without knowing their contact number.

Finally, the efforts are made to sync applications to all platforms, be it a mobile phone or desktop.

Messaging Apps For Business

Being a business owner, it is assured that these new customized applications have the appropriate elements that help a team to communicate and interact effectively.

The advent of BYOD at the workplace had encouraged employees to take the maximum benefit of numerous apps to boost their productivity and stay updated. Below is an overview of some of the best enterprise messaging apps that are suitable for most of the companies.

U&Me Plus and Redbooth

The Google play store is an amazing place to find many apps that are suitable for your company. However, U&Me Plus and Redbooth have dominated all the other applications with their unique features. Both of the apps are available on multiple platforms, helping everyone to stay connected.

VSee and ooVoo

While coming to Apple store, there are fewer options in contrast to Google play store. But, VSee and ooVoo are the ones you should try. The ooVoo app has features like voice and video chat that can be used for free. While VSee is a more recent app that is quickly gaining popularity.

BigAnt Messenger

BigAnt Messenger has basic chat features such as video chat, group chat, and voice chat. The costs associated are 15.90 dollars for each client and 299 dollars for the server.


This is the main free application accessible in the not insignificant list of workplace communication applications. It has fundamental texting offices, and the voice and feature talk offices can be empowered through plugins.

While larger companies are opening up their pockets for tailored applications suited for their necessities, mid-sized associations are apparently utilizing existing consumer apps, for example, WhatsApp, LINE, and Facebook’s Messenger.

What apps do you use for your organization? Please feel free to comment below.

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