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A new messaging app, TextMe Up, has launched from the creators of TextMe, and it allows you to create multiple phone numbers using one single account, essentially giving you multiple numbers on one SIM card if you’re using a GSM carrier.

TextMe Up uses the cloud and lets you call or text any number at any location globally. This includes both mobiles and landlines. Since you can create multiple numbers and don’t have to give out the number associated with your phone service, it helps to protect your anonymity for those occasions when you want to.

multiple numbers help protect your anonymity

“Imagine trying to sell some used furniture on eBay,” TextMe said in a release, “[and you’re] feeling a bit uneasy about giving your number out to strangers. With TextMe Up, all you have to do is tap to add a new phone number, which you can use solely for eBay selling purposes. Once you’ve successfully sold your furniture, the number can be simply deleted, making it impossible for you to be reached by those still asking if the item is available.”


“With TextMe Up, our vision of reinventing the phone app is now a reality”, says Co-Founder and COO Grégory Kokanosky. “Essentially, you’ll be able to use the app the same way you use Email. You’ll be able to easily access all of your SMSs, call history, and contacts from any device, as well as have multiple phone numbers on the same device.”

“our vision of reinventing the phone app is now a reality”

The service doesn’t let you just create a number from anywhere though — only Canada, USA, UK, Germany, or France numbers are available — but it does make it easy to discern the numbers between each other with customizable labels and colors.

So what does it cost? While the cost of making calls and messages is free, you’ll have to utilize credits if you want to purchase the additional numbers. Credits can either be earned by watching ads, or you can buy credits. Additional numbers will run you $1 a month, not counting the 30 credits everyone receives from TextMe for purchasing a phone number.

TextMe Up can be downloaded via Google Play or the Apple App Store.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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