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If you’ve ever wanted to feel like iconic comic book character Dick Tracy, you’ll love what mobile messaging and push to talk pioneer Voxer has in store for your Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch.

Voxer has just enabled voice messaging capabilities on the Samsung Gear S2 watch, marking the first time that true Dick Tracy 2-Way Wrist-Radio functionality has been expanded to a smartwatch, though Voxer itself has been available on smartwatches for awhile.

Voxer has been putting itself in the spotlight in a lot of ways lately, particularly on where it’s used. For instance, NASA has been using Voxer with its NEEMO missions and it’s also being used by many government organizations and businesses. With this new release, Voxer is concentrating more on how it’s used.

It’s not hard to utilize the new 2-way radio functionality on your Gear S2. Simply select a contact and press the talk button while speaking into the Gear S2 as you do on your smartphone. When your contact replies, you’ll receive a notification and can then listen to the message either on the watch or through Bluetooth devices.

“[these new features] make Voxer the most frictionless communications application available today”

It’s not just Gear S2 users that are getting something to look forward to today. Voxer also announced Capture Mode, a new photo and video feature for smartphone users.  Capture Mode gives users the ability to immediately create and send videos and photos from within the Voxer application. As shown in the video below, just rotate your phone to view Voxer in landscape mode. You’ll see a screen with a camera view and a button that you’ll be able to either click for a photo or hold down for a video. Once you’ve captured your photo or video, you’ll be able to send it to anyone else on Voxer, without ever leaving the application.

“Voxer lets users move well beyond text messaging to truly impart clear, direct communication with their personality to friends, family members and work colleagues, conveniently,” said Irv Remedios, president of Voxer. “Voxer for the Samsung Gear S2 watch and our new Capture Mode make Voxer the most frictionless communications application available today. Voxer makes messaging more immediate and more impactful, harnessing the power of the human voice and letting users add exactly the right combination of video, photos and text for any situation.”

The new Voxer can be downloaded via iTunes or Google Play. As far as other wearable platforms (Apple Watch and Microsoft Band), Remedios tells TruTower that it’s something “Voxer is looking at” and is “interested in” but for now, the exclusivity belongs to the Gear S2.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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