Popular instant messaging application WhatsApp has just rolled out a new update that officially brings the new Holo UI to Android users. The new WhatsApp UI was first spotted on February 18 and brings a whole new look and feel to the application.

Users will notice that the app’s overall color has changed slightly, along with the font and arrangement of certain features and options. The new version removes the long-used and well-known speech bubble text boxes in favor of cleaner and larger boxes with which to read and enter text. Image previews are scaled larger in size as well. “Play” and “View” buttons have been removed in favor of a much smaller button at the bottom of the preview.

The much loved emoticon placement has also changed and emoticons are now at the bottom left, right next to the text-box instead of on the top right corner. The theme colors of the older application have given way to lighter and brighter colors. Finally, the background wallpaper in a chat window can be changed directly from the chat instead of having to visit settings every single time.

The new update also brings users the ability to purchase service at 3 year and 5 year intervals with various discount options, added support for the Vietnamese language, and of course, bug fixes and reliability improvements. The newly improved app is now available in the Google Play store.

  • Chris Weber

    Much, much nicer! I espcially love the new font!!

  • Robert P

    Mine keeps force closing. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

    • What are you doing when it force closes? Have you tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the app?

      • Robert P

        I did that and restarted my phone, its working now. Thanks!

  • Bri4353

    Now they just need the WP8 app. Come on, WhatsApp!