February 6, 2023

WhatsApp Messenger Seen Lighting Up Leaked Nokia Asha 500, Keeps You Messaging on the Low End

WhatsApp Messenger, Nokia Asha 500, Asha feature phones

The Nokia Asha 500 has been often rumored around the web and has also already been leaked. However, WhatsApp Messenger fans in particular will be interested to know that the messaging application was shown in the latest Asha 500 image (shown above) from master leaker evleaks.

Should the image prove accurate, which is extremely possible considering its source, WhatsApp will indeed arrive for the new Nokia Asha series. WhatsApp Messenger has been one of the most highly requested apps for the Asha 501.

The Asha 500 gets its look — glossy shell and all — from the popular Lumia 620. The Asha 500 is expected to run on similar hardware to the 501, though the price may be a bit higher.

With Microsoft acquiring Nokia’s devices and services division, it’s clear that the company sees potential in the low end phone market and is not going to simply trash it in favor of its higher end Lumia series running Windows Phone. In fact, Microsoft expects to bring many of their services to the new Asha devices as well, though it awaits to be seen if and how that will pan out.