March 27, 2023

Voxer Hints at “New Features” Coming Soon for Its Push to Talk App on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone

Voxer for Windows, Voxer for WP, Push to talk messages

After making it possible for Voxer Pro users to use voice communication on its web version and taking a dive into space exploration with NASA, it’s clear that Voxer has big plans for its future as a standalone application and isn’t looking to be snatched up by the highest bidder like most messaging apps seem to be.

That future also apparently includes some “new features” as hinted on a Facebook post by Voxer today. The post includes the following picture:

Voxer, Voxer for Business, Voxer Pro

In addition, the team is inviting users to “take a guess” at what those new features include, with no hint as to what they might be.

Could they be stickers or games? Probably not. Voxer has been laser focused on the business and commercial sectors of the market and the aforementioned are personal features that would fit better with a consumer focus.

What do you think the new features might be? Let us know in the comments!