February 6, 2023

Skype’s New Emoticons Coincide With Personal and American Happenings

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Skype has decided to launch new emoticons to celebrate everything from the historic and long overdue marriage equality ruling by the United States Supreme Court and just getting some news or celebrations into your chats.

Skype posted the following on its official blog:

Just in time for some historic happenings in the United States of America—this bold Roy G. Biv beacon will brighten your (and your loved one’s) day. After all, love is love.


There’s always reason to celebrate! Whatever the reason, be sure to invite your closest pals (and send them nifty reminders via Skype with this cool cartoon). Put your hands in the air! Wave ‘em like you just don’t care!


Feeling pretty great about life? So is this monkey. This dancing monkey. Rather than offer specifics on how his cool moves might sweeten a conversation, we thought we’d just let you embrace this grinning, “get-down” guy however you please. And remember: always monkey around.


Here’s a way to snag your group chat’s attention. Whether you’re dropping some pretty exciting news, or reacting to your pal’s latest round of gossip, this ticking time bomb offers a pictorial sense of anticipation to any thread.


The latest version of Skype, which can be found here, will allow you to use these emoticons on your mobile or desktop device.