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BlackBerry World may be over, but the wait is just beginning for the new BlackBerry 10 OS and the new Tru Voice Over IP Application. Many questions regarding the future of the app have been answered, some have not. What can we expect from Tru App on BB10 that differs from its predecessors? We had an opportunity to speak with Adam Linford of Tru Labs to find out.

Tru’s initial excitement over BB10 stems from the key customers on the Tru SIM side of the company: a number of the more than 70 million BlackBerry customers worldwide, people that travel, and people that work in internationally-distributed organizations.

“When Tru Labs was formed last year,” Mr. Linford told TruTower, “one of the first objectives was to make sure our Apps and SIM businesses were aligned. Our GSM services are all built with BlackBerry devices as key handsets to support. We’ve always had problems offering a full set of VoIP services on BlackBerry OS. Until BB10 came along.”

Mr. Linford also pointed out the ease of development for the BlackBerry 10 platform.

Tru expects to make the new app the flagship of their BlackBerry mobile applications. Though the new app will not be backwards compatible with older versions of BlackBerry OS, the current version of Tru App (version 1.3.0) will continue to be supported. The BB10 app will be comparable functionality-wise to the same applications coming soon for Android and iOS, though they will all have certain UI tweaks in order to be more aligned with their respective operating systems.

They are not quite at the final product yet and are currently working on tying in the UI experience, but Tru has committed to have the new app “ready to release at the same time as RIM’s launch of BB10,” which could be as early as October if rumors from around the internet prove true.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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