Tue. Aug 11th, 2020

Microsoft Sends “Final” Reminder of Windows Mobile Marketplace Sunset to Users

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Microsoft has sent us a reminder of the impending end to the Windows Mobile Marketplace as of May 22. The old app store served its time well. I can remember unboxing my old XV6800 Windows Mobile device and thinking it was the coolest thing in the world. Those were the days.

For those of you still toting those devices, Microsoft recommends you “review the applications or games installed on your Windows Mobile 6.x phone and install any available updates in advance of the Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace service shut-down on May 22, 2012.”

Please note: All phone data, including applications acquired through the Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace service, data and user-specific settings, will be deleted from your Windows Mobile 6.x phone in the event that your phone is wiped or “hard reset.” Any data on a removable storage card, if present, will also be deleted if your phone is wiped or “hard reset”.

Microsoft also notes that Windows Mobile applications and games that are compatible with Windows Mobile 6.x may still be available directly from their developers or via third-party marketplaces. Nothing a simple Google search wouldn’t fix.

Check out our screen shot of the entire message below:

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