Mon. May 25th, 2020

Samsung: Galaxy S III Will Hit 10 Million Units Sold By July

Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S III, Galaxy S 3

The Samsung Galaxy S III continues to sell like hotcakes, and apparently, is expected to sell its 10 millionth handset by July according to Samsung Mobile president Shin Jong-kyun.

“It has been tough to keep up with demand,” Shin told reporters.

The expectation comes despite a limited supply of the devices being fueled by a component shortage. In addition, Samsung expects to deliver the 4.8-inch Galaxy to 300 carriers in 147 countries by the end of next month, including all of the major UK carriers, and the four largest carriers in the US, all of which are able to be used on Tru SIM (if it’s unlocked) and with Tru VoIP App (whether it’s unlocked or not).

This is just an estimate for sales, however, so fans may want to hold of the celebration until the real sales numbers come in.

Samsung overtook Nokia as the world’s biggest mobile-phone maker in 2011 and competes with Apple for the top smartphone maker position. It aims to double its smartphone sales this year to nearly 200 million phones.