The Microsoft Surface may seem like a desperate attempt at catching Apple iPad to some, but there are many who plan to line up on day one and procure the tablet when it’s fresh out of the gate. Still, one lingering question has remained for those who are drooling over the new Surface tablet: will Microsoft be putting this same love and awesomeness into a “Surface phone”?

According to InformationWeek, Greg Sullivan — who is the senior marketing manager for Windows Phone — shot down that rumor. When asked whether Microsoft planned to apply their strategy to the smartphone market, Sullivan said simply: “No. We do not.”

There has been some concern with Microsoft competing with its hardware partners of olde with the Windows 8-powered Surface, but it looks like — at least for the time being — the Windows Phone side of the aisle will not have to worry about that and Windows Phone users should be content with their HTCs, their Nokias, and their Samsungs.