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Many of you have been wondering if Truphone will be changing their Tru SIM rates to comply with new EU roaming regulations effective July 1. We had previously tapped Tru on the subject and were waiting for a confirmation from a few sources, which have indeed confirmed that Tru will be changing its rates to comply with new EU roaming regulations.

The new rates, outlined below, will affect new and existing UK and European customers roaming in the European Union and will go live “later this month” according to sources, which weren’t specific if that meant later in the nearly-ending June or later in July.

Call landlines From: £ 0.30 per min To: £0.25 per min
Call mobiles From: £ 0.30 per min To: £0.25 per min
Receive calls From: £ 0.11 per min To: £0.07 per min
Send a text From: £ 0.10per min To: £0.08 per min
Receive a text FREE

Data per MB £ 0.60 (Below EU Regulations)

We are currently working to see if we can’t nail down an exact release date for the new rates. We also haven’t confirmed if the new rates will be affecting American and Australian Tru SIM users roaming in the EU, and will keep Tru SIM users posted on any new information.

Update: We have been able to confirm that the new rates will be effective later in June in time for the new regulations to switch over this Sunday, July 1. Still no word on if these new rates will be effective for Americans and Australians roaming in the region, but we’ll keep working to confirm this.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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