Tue. Jul 7th, 2020

Microsoft Windows 8 Launch Date: October 26th

Windows 8, Metro UI, New Windows Version

Windows 8, Metro UI, New Windows Version

It’s official. New and upgrade customers will be able to upgrade to the Metro-powered goodness that is Windows 8 on October 26th, nearly three years to the day after Windows 7 first stepped into the proverbial spotlight.

Steven Sinofsky has confirmed the date at Microsoft’s annual sales meeting, but it’s still not clear if that’s a global date or if it’s only for the United States.

Recently, Microsoft has announced more and more information regarding the coming version of Windows and its hybrid interface. Windows 8 is a radical redesign of Windows that takes into account a mobile and touch-centric future and will be powered by Microsoft’s Metro interface, the same interface that has been powering Windows Phone devices for over a year.

Tru has not made any announcements regarding Windows 8 applications, but it is possible that the legacy VoIP app we’ve been using will work just fine. We won’t know of course until we try it out.

We also won’t know whether this interface is successful in the desktop environment or not, but knowing this date will give shoppers plenty of time to secure devices running the new OS before the busy holiday shopping season opens up (Surface tablet anyone?).

Are you ready for Windows 8?

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