Connectify Dispatch, Powerful Free Public Wi-Fi, Fast Internet Connection

We’re always open to new ways to connect our favorite calling and messaging apps on computers and smartphones in new, better, and innovative ways. Connectify Dispatch looks to be one of them. Connectify Dispatch can combine all of your Wi-Fi hotspot connections into one more power and more dependable “super connection.”

As many app users (and users of other web-based services) are aware, public Wi-Fi, though convenient, is not always the best option to be stuck with. Free connections can be overcrowded and slow, not to mention insecure. Some pay-to-use Wi-Fi connections may be fast, but might also be pricey. Overages can also be a pain to deal with on your personal 3G/4G Wi-Fi hotspot. This is where Connectify Dispatch can save the day (and a little money as well).

Connectify Dispatch is a software solution that lets you combine a public Wi-Fi connection — maybe one at a library, for example — with another network, such as the personal 3G/4G hotspot you carry around with you wherever you may go. This combination empowers your device with a faster and more dependable experience when using Tru VoIP or even simply browsing the web or using your internet-connected apps. Dispatch lets you set different priorities for certain networks, so you can set the public Wi-Fi as your “primary” connection and your personal hotspot as your “secondary” connection and sidestep all the overage charges that can occur.

Just connect a secondary USB Wi-Fi card — which the company is providing complimentary for $100+ backers — in addition to your laptop’s on-board Wi-Fi card, and Dispatch does the rest.

According to TechCrunch, Connectify already has more than 233,000 active users that have started a Connectify Hotspot connection since August 7th, which translates to roughly 10,000 new users every hour. In addition, the company has received funding from IQT.

Users can find out more about Connectify Dispatch and see how it works at the link below. How does using one super-powered connection sound?

Connectify Dispatch (Kickstarter)

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By Josh Robert Nay

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