Windows 8, Metro UI, New Windows Version

Windows is getting a makeover in a big way. So far, it is seeing mostly positive reception, with most of the negative views coming from those who have either never tried the new OS, have some understandable compatibility issues with early release versions, or have a hard time accepting change. The minute you turn it on, the difference is apparent. Instead of the familiar desktop with the familiar Start menu in the lower left-hand corner, you are presented with the Start screen, a digital world of glorious, modern, and smooth live tiles and full-screen apps best used on a touch screen.

Microsoft is releasing two versions of the OS: Windows 8 and Windows RT. Both are very similar in appearance, but have substantial differences behind the scenes that you’ll want to consider before you upgrade to the new OS. You can see all the differences on Microsoft’s Surface pre-order page.

One thing to keep in mind — especially if you’re a Truphone VoIP app user on your PC — you’ll probably want to wait until Windows 8. The reason being simply because Truphone’s app does not yet support the new modern UI. Intel-based Windows 8 machines allow you to use all your Windows 7 apps as well as the new modern UI apps found in Windows 8. Windows RT, however, only allows the use of apps designed with the modern UI.

Truphone has not yet announced a version of the app that will be compatible with the new modern UI, but — with new versions coming for BlackBerry 10, Android, iOS, and possibly Windows Phone 8 — it’s likely a version for the new Windows environment will be coming as well.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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