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As we mentioned briefly back in September, CTO James Tagg is speaking at the 2012 LTE North America conference taking place from now until the 15th at the Fairmont Dallas Hotel in Texas.

Tagg will be speaking about opportunities in data roaming and from what we’ve heard will also be speaking about 4G LTE and where and how (and possibly when) the technology will be a part of the Truphone SIM network. A couple of answers from Tagg’s September interview stuck out:

How will the drive towards LTE help your business?

LTE means different things in different markets. We’re not being pedantic—our business is one that lives internationally so we are acutely aware of the complexities of LTE wherever you choose to go. It’s fair to say however, that we currently have a SIM offer and a mobile app service. LTE would enable us to use a single network to offer subscribers the best of both worlds – it’s all about choice.

With the likes of OTT players such as Truphone, where do you see VoLTE fitting in?

LTE finally gives companies the ability to deliver voice without the technical confines of circuit-switched networks. There will be the ability to bundle VoLTE or other voice technologies with other applications that will really offer the kind of personalisation we’ve been talking about for years either with or without the IMS core.

While this is not necessarily a definitive answer in regards to implementing 4G LTE technology across the Truphone GSM network, the fact is that networks around the world are moving into LTE territory and beyond, and it’s highly unlikely that Truphone will be left behind in its implementation.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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