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Truphone SIM users have been waiting for an official announcement from Truphone regarding the release of the company’s nano-SIM solution that will make Apple’s iPhone 5 compatible with the GSM network without having to risk cutting or trimming a micro-SIM for the same result. So far, we’ve been able to confirm that Truphone does expect to release a nano-SIM before the end of the year.

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As if to confirm our reports further, Truphone today tweeted that a nano-SIM announcement will be coming “so soon, you might even be able to hold your breath” in response to a user’s inquiry about the product. While we don’t want to read into this too much, the wording of this tweet does indicate that the nano-SIM will be coming in a very short time, appeasing iPhone 5 users who have been pressing Truphone for a nano-SIM since the iPhone 5’s release in September.

While the tweet did not disclose any concrete information regarding the nano-SIM’s release, we have contacted the company for further details and we expect Truphone to make an announcement very soon. Stay tuned to TruTower and we’ll keep you updated with the latest information.

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