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One of the features many Kik users often overlook is the application’s ability to send and receive voice messages. It’s not an uncommon thing to overlook; voice messaging on Kik is possible by downloading the “Recorder for Kik” add-on, which can be found in Google Play.

Once you’ve found and downloaded Recorder for Kik, make sure the recipient of the voice message has the add-on downloaded as well. Otherwise, they’ll be unable to hear the message and will only get a notification that they’ve received the message along with a link to download the add-on. Once you and your friends have the add-on, simply open a conversation and tap on the “+” button to open up the emoticon screen. You should see Recorder for Kik depicted just below the grid of emoticons. Simply tap on the icon, select either “Voice” or “Video” depending on the type of message you wish to send, and you’re ready to go.

It’s worth noting that this particular add-on has not been updated since August of 2011 as of this writing. While Recorder for Kik still worked in all of our tests, the developer notes that if it doesn’t work with your device, try recording video or audio using another application and send and receive the file through Kik using the FileKicker add-on.

Update: K*Tok for Kik allows users to send and receive voice messages via push-to-talk and more and makes a great replacement to Recorder for Kik. Find out more about K*Tok here.

Does the app work for you or do you know of any other add-ons to use to send or receive video or voice through Kik for Android or another operating system? Please share in the comments!

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By Josh Robert Nay

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