Thu. Aug 6th, 2020

Tip: Keep Your Kik Messenger Account Safe From Prying Eyes and Theft

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We all like privacy for various reasons. It doesn’t necessarily mean we have something to hide, it’s just human nature to want to keep things close to the chest. The same is true of Kik Messenger users, and there are ways to keep your account secure whether your phone is lost or stolen, or you simply want to keep it from being accessed by unauthorized persons.

The most simple way of doing this if you have your smartphone with you is to simply set up an automatic lock through your device that prevents anyone from accessing your phone’s contents without a password. Whether you’re using Windows Phone, Android, or iPhone, this is done simply by accessing your smartphone’s cialis sayville generic viagra photos is viagra good for prostate source sample of paper written in apa format efectos colaterales del viagra theology dissertation proposal sample thesis binding toronto organ donation essay non ed benefit of viagra whats the best generic cialis kvinnligt viagra customized essay writing service essay paper writing levitra westwood college english homework help viagra sample online ntu mba essays 2013 spatial order essay example essay on is using animals for scientific experiments right leadership in nursing essays here buy a resume online financial accounting information for discisions forth edition homework manager proofreading advice best price viagra source site Settings menu. On most devices, the option can be found under Privacy or something to that degree.

But what happens if you happen to lose your phone, or if it gets stolen?

Luckily, the good people at Kik have already built a solution into the application to protect your account. As soon as you suspect theft, simply borrow a friend or family member’s phone. Sign in to your account and you’ll instantly be signed out on your missing device. This also occurs if you try to sign in from multiple devices.

Sign in to your Kik Messenger account on another device and you’ll instantly be signed out on your missing device.

After you’ve successfully signed in on your friend’s phone and read all your messages, sign out of your Kik account again and then simply wait until you either find your missing phone or a replacement arrives. Once you’ve signed in again, all your unread messages and Kik friends will be waiting for you.

It’s worth noting that if messages are delivered to your friend’s phone after you’ve signed in, make sure you open, read, and reply to those messages. Once you’ve signed out, even if you haven’t actually opened them, they’ll be deleted permanently.

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