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Planning to travel sometime in the near future? Folks in the United States will be celebrating their Thanksgiving holiday and then there’s also December holidays coming up in many parts of the world. No matter where you are, chances are you’ll probably be traveling within the next month or two and you’ll need a companion that will keep you connected to your life while you’re out and about.

The Chromebook service comes with multiple plans and operates on HSPA+ or higher networks

If you have a Chromebook, you’re already covered, even if you don’t have access to Wi-Fi thanks to Cubic Telecom, the company behind the Maxroam global roaming service. Cubic Telecom has just launched 3G roaming for Chromebooks that works in 55 countries, including most of western Europe as well as Japan, Canada, and Australia. The company has agreements with China Unicom, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Orange, and 15 other global carriers. The service features multi-IMSI technology and operates on HSPA+ or higher networks.

The service comes with an assortment of different plan options, consisting of a 75MB for one day, 400MB for one week, and a 1GB and 2GB for one month. You’ll also initially start with 400MB preloaded on your SIM card.

The new SIM card can be purchased at Maxroam’s website. Find out more about Maxroam on our official Maxroam page.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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