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Telegram beta’s last Windows Phone update put rewritten secret chats and custom notification sounds on the map, and now the company is doing the same with stickers with Telegram beta version 1.2.

Stickers were also added on Android and desktops on January 4 and iOS on January 2 and were labeled as “experimental” upon their addition.

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The new Telegram stickers — there are 14 in all so far — are, according to Telegram’s blog post “grouped around emotions, not characters.”

“you will see a list of emotionally corresponding stickers whenever you start a message with an emoji”

“They do not clutter the interface, but are shown only when they are relevant – you will see a list of emotionally corresponding stickers whenever you start a message with an emoji. All our stickers are and will be completely free, and you can always create and share your own stickers.”

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Telegram is also letting users submit their own stickers for a $100 payment as well as share it with friends. To share stickers of your own, just save your sticker in WebP format with a transparency layer and send it to your friend as a document in Telegram (e.g. via Telegram Desktop). It will be shown as a sticker.

According to Telegram, the stickers in WebP format are “displayed 5x faster compared to the other formats usually used” in other messaging apps.

Download the new Telegram using this QR code.

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