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After the launch of its Virtual Numbers service last year, WorldSIM has just announced the addition of 3 new country numbers to the service, bringing the total number of supported countries for virtual numbers to over 45.

Travelers from Malaysia, Turkey and Columbia can now roam abroad with their existing mobile number, but still enjoy the international roaming rates offered by WorldSIM, by simply forwarding their existing number to their WorldSIM Virtual Number.

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Local numbers will help lower international long distance costs

The addition of Virtual Numbers to the WorldSIM service brings the benefit of being able to be contacted locally in a particular country without having to purchase a local SIM card. Virtual Numbers can prove to be more convenient than buying a local SIM for travelers. Local SIM cards can only be used in the country being visited, while the WorldSIM SIM card remains active throughout the year. At anytime during this period, local numbers can be added to your account and shared with your contacts to keep your costs low.

Virtual Numbers are available to rent for one, three, six and twelve months depending upon how long the user might require them.

WorldSIM has already launched the service for over 40 other countries including Europe, USA and Australia. The company also says they will be announcing more virtual country numbers in the near future.

You can find out more about the virtual numbers service via the company’s website.

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