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Businesses, specifically those doing business all around the globe, have a habit of racking up international roaming bills that would make your head spin. In fact, enterprises in the U.S. and the U.K. waste millions every year from just international roaming and WiFi expenses alone.

In fact, according to Amba Hotels in a pair of press releases, UK businesses waste £370 million GBP (about $566 million USD) while companies in the US spend $7.3 billion USD (about £4.8 billion GBP).

hotels and airports are the worst offenders of high internet costs while traveling

According to Amba Hotels, hotels and airports are the worst offenders, with some charging up to £17 ($26 USD) for 24 hours of use. Having to pay for Wi-Fi services also impacts the efficiency of the working day with up to 70% of business travelers regularly unable to work efficiently due to slow or unreliable Wi-Fi connections.

The Amba Hotels research, which was carried out by Gabriel Research & Management Ltd in the UK, USA, France, and Germany from the 19-25 January 2015 with 750 respondents per country, found travelers to/in other markets face the same dilemma; the overall cost of Wi-Fi to businesses globally and in key business travel markets:

US – $7.3 billion annually (average spend $15.10 per trip)
UK – £371 million annually (average spend £16.30 per trip)
France – €232 million annually (average spend €22.10 per trip)
Germany – €3.6 billion annually (average spend €21.10 per trip)

“It’s the fastest, free, unlimited Wi-Fi of any Meeting & Events hotel”

To combat these costs, Amba Hotels is quick to point out that it is the “only location offering completely free, high-speed Wi-Fi to all patrons.”

“Wi-Fi is consistently one of the key criteria that influences our guests’ choice of hotel – in fact for some people, it’s more important than a good night’s sleep,” said Mike DeNoma, CEO of glh, the parent company of Amba Hotels. “Our Wi-Fi has no caveats, no loyalty schemes no limit on uploading or downloading. It’s the fastest, free, unlimited Wi-Fi of any Meeting & Events hotel.”

We haven’t had the chance yet to try the WiFi at Amba Hotels, but if you happen to be traveling to one of their many 4-star locations, be sure to give it a shot and drop us a line either by email or via the comments below with your experience.

While you’re on WiFi, these apps can help you lower your voice and messaging costs. As far as being away from WiFi when you travel, it might be a good idea to look into some low cost mobile options for your business.

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