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It’s been awhile since we last heard about BBM Protected a secure messaging suite from BlackBerry that looks to protect user information and privacy while providing a cross-platform experience. The solution is now available for Android and iOS as of this week.

A recent enhancement to BBM Protected, unveiled at Mobile World Congress alongside BES12, “extends the security of BBM Protected conversations to non-BBM Protected users. Now all conversations initiated by a BBM Protected user can be secured, regardless of whether the other person is a BBM Protected user or not. With this enhancement, now an enterprise using BBM Protected can be assured that all of their employees’ communications are fully protected, even when communicating outside of their company.”


Says BlackBerry:

“BBM Protected offers an enterprise-grade secure instant messaging service with all the features of a consumer IM app, the hardening of on-premise security together with the convenience of a cloud service. All messages are encrypted using keys generated by the communicating mobile devices themselves. This BlackBerry innovation effectively prevents ‘man in the middle’ hacker attacks, providing greater security than competing encryption schemes, and earning BBM Protected FIPS 140-2 validation by the U.S. Department of Defense.”

BlackBerry also says the solution provides a better IT Admin and user experience. You can find out more about the new BBM Protected enhancement and the availability of BBM Protected at the source links below. No word yet on when BBM Protected will come to Windows Phone devices.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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