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Back in early February, we saw WhatsApp’s upcoming voice feature make an early appearance for certain Android devices. The feature seemed to disappear off the radar for most of us since then, with only a limited invitation window in mid-March being the only indicator that the feature was still coming, but now it appears that it’s come back again.

Reports of the feature being seen started surfacing this morning with limited invite windows being discovered. Once the invites have been accepted, the voice service appears to remain available. The aforementioned invitation window that started in mid-March lasted about a week so it’s safe to assume that the same thing will happen here.

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If you’d like to try out the WhatsApp voice feature, you’ll have to download WhatsApp for Android 2.12.14 from APK Mirror. For the rest of you, just be mindful of any scams that run amok every time one of these windows opens and avoid clicking on any suspicious links in WhatsApp. Especially, do not provide your account information to anyone or enter it in any field unless you’re absolutely sure you’re in the clear.

If you don’t yet have WhatsApp on your device and you’d like to give the standard messaging app a go, you can download WhatsApp Messenger here.

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