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Tellink, a purveyor of international roaming services, announced this week that data roaming for travelers in Europe from America and Oceania.

In a bid to “make sure people enjoy traveling Europe even more in the coming summer vacation,” the company took prices down by roughly 26 percent. This marks the first major drop in prices by Tellink since last August’s European Union roaming rate drop.

The old prices are as follows:

EU28 Data bundles – old price

  • 50 Mb – 3,99
  • 150 Mb – 12,99
  • 350 Mb – 29,99
  • 500 Mb – 42,99
  • 750 Mb – 59,99

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Travelers can now look forward to the new pricing:

EU28 Data bundles – new price

  • 50 Mb – 3,99
  • 250 Mb – 18,99
  • 600 Mb – 40,99
  • 1 Gb – 59,99

Tellink first launched in June 2014. Since then, the company has started offering several services that are mainly focusing on people traveling to Europe from everywhere in the world. Tellink offers coverage in over 200 countries using the roaming agreements of Orange.

For more information please visit the company’s website.

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