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After making video messaging a native function in Kik, Kik Messenger offers a very different experience to users than it has even a few months ago, and much of this experience is being led by Kik’s development community.

According to Kik, the messaging app has a 30-member development team that takes care of the app’s 200 million users to make sure the experience is not only viable, but as smooth and feature-filled as possible, at least for iOS and Android users.

Kik took the liberty of breaking down these statistics on its blog to put things into proportion:

That’s almost 7 million users per developer! That’s more than:

  • The number of ants per person in the world
  • The number of One Direction Twitter followers per member of One Direction
  • The number of blades of grass per football field

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Kik also recently revealed that over 350 million promoted chat messages have been sent and received between users and official accounts, which help brands target the right Kik users who might be interested in the content they have to offer.

Kik is available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.


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By Josh Robert Nay

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