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The manufacturing industry experts understand the importance of real-time and clear communication in between plant managers and production staff.

Real-time communication in the manufacturing industry can help with handling crisis situations, employee morale, weather alerts and productivity. And due to the implementation of BYOD, enhancing real-time communication does not need a huge investment. There is no purpose to overlook the advantage that an enterprise mobile messenger can bring to a manufacturing company.

In this article, we are providing some key benefits of using an enterprise mobile messenger to deliver important information to the remote workforce. Read on after the break to know more.

Instant Communication

Each individual who leads and manages a team of resources knows the trepidation of real-time communication during a crisis or emergency. For plant supervisors, if worker security is the priority, then a mobile communication plan should be used to deliver key information instantly, such as:

  • The shutdown of production line
  • A fire accident in the last room of plant’s warehouse
  • A snow storm that dropped heaps of snow just a few hours before the first shift of production starts
  • The requirement for volunteers for work for the next shift.

Effective Communication

Emergency situations need a quick and prompt communication channel. If any crisis takes place, it’s not the time to filter through heaps of paper on your desk to get the worker contact list. We all know it is almost impossible to find a missing paper from the piles of files.

Rather than calling thousands of employees manually and most likely reach their voicemail box, real-time mobile communication enables a manager to text some or all of the employees, eliminating the need to dial a number.

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Communicate With Every Person

One key challenge for plant supervisors is communication with employees working on different shifts. In reality, many employees on third shift may not get a chance to meet the plant manager directly. All-hands meetings can be a great idea, especially for a large-scale plant, but there will be always employees who are not available that day to know this information.

Suppose if a plant manager could send a text message about the production figures for the last quarter to each employee, notwithstanding when they are not physically available in the plant. Furthermore, imagine a scenario in which communication contains images, PDF or a voice message. Mobile communication can be much more captivating than the conventional method for broadcasting achievements and announcements.

Employee determination is the most overlooked factor of the working environment. Employees like constructive feedback from the top management and want recognition when they outperform on a specific task. Plant managers now can engage staff by broadcasting recognition notifications and updates about the production. These kinds of messages are known to enhance employee morale and hence retention since employees feel proud of their work which make them work towards a higher aim in the future.

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Faster Communication

Did you ever hear this in a team meeting: “so, what’s the plan to bring everyone on the same page regarding the new process?”

For large companies, it is challenging to communicate an important information to all employees. Communicating new policies or training procedures must take few minutes, but not many months. Also, making sure that each employee received and read important communications must not trouble the HR or operations team.

Maintaining a solitary and unified communication platform enables organizational leadership to stay guaranteed that their messages do not land in someone else’s spam folders or in worst cases ignored as employees failed to see the new paper pinned on the bulletin board.

Mobile messaging platforms enable managers to ensure that their staff are updated about regulatory compliance and process by sending documents to the organization-wide network and sharing it in real-time.

Consistent Communication

Real-time and clear communication is the essence of any organization. Similar to life-saving blood for our body, the communication should constantly travel throughout your company. If it doesn’t happen, morale will effect, rumours will sprout up and production decelerates.

The ideal approach to reduce the rumours is to input it with predictable and genuine data. Your production workers have probably never said you that they are getting a lot of data. Usually, it’s the opposite.

Enterprise Mobile Messenger platforms help communication a major announcement to all the employees, making sure employees received the news from their management and not via social media or the morning news.

Real-time communication on the floor can be enhanced by mixing these 5 principles with a mobile communications platform.

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