February 6, 2023

TruTower Reviews the Elecom ZeroShock III Laptop Case

Elecom ZeroShock Innerbag, Laptop Sleeves, Laptop Accessories

The problem with using VoIP and messaging apps via your laptop is the lack of portability. Ironic, considering that laptops were made for portability, but nowadays people bring their tablets or smartphones with them to use these services away from home.

For those who prefer to use your laptops, though, you’re undoubtedly looking to make sure your laptop is protected when you cart it everywhere with you. Enter the Elecom ZeroShock inner bag for laptops and MacBooks. We were sent a review unit of this particular product, and it’s safe to say we were quite impressed with its strength and durability.

The ZeroShock III on the outside is made up of water-resistant material to protect it from the elements as well as those pesky spills that can and will occur (and here’s hoping you have your ZeroShock case protecting your laptop at the time). This is the first layer of protection your device will receive.

The most notable part of the case, though, lies on the inside. The interior of the sleeve contains wave-shaped low rebound polyurethane, which can take quite a punch if your laptop is ever dropped. The material is stiff and very tough, while able to softly cradle the computer in a protective, all-around manner.

The materials on both the inside and the outside were definitely of high grade, and it shows that Japanese company Elecom put a lot of effort and care into the product’s design.

The main problem we encountered with the sleeve is the fit. Our particular model was in the 15.4″ range, which covers a wide range of laptop models as well as the MacBook Pro. When we attempted to fit our laptops inside it — one of which is an HP 2000-369WM Notebook PC — it took a bit of effort to get it inside the case and zip the case shut. We can see this being problematic as far as the zipper is concerned; the zipper won’t be able to take as much wear and tear as the rest of the case and the difficulty of zipping it shut could eventually cause it to break off its runner completely.

There was also the matter of the pocket on the front of the case. It was simply too small for more than maybe a pair of headphones or small accessories such as SD Cards and short USB cables. So if you’re looking to take a mouse, a headset with a microphone, any other accessories with you, make sure you plan on using it in conjunction with a carrying bag.

The Elecom ZeroShock III also doesn’t have a handle, another reason you’ll want to use this product with a carrying bag. This isn’t really a bad thing; the problem with most carrying bags is their lack of adequate protection and the Elecom ZeroShock III will help alleviate this problem in a big way.

If you’re looking to protect your laptop or MacBook Pro well, we heartily recommend the Elecom ZeroShock III. Check out some more photos below. You can find this particular model at online retailer GearZap. Prices for the 15.4″ sleeve start at £20.95 for the white model and £21.95 for the black model we showed in this review.