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Europeans for Fair Roaming (FairRoaming, announced today that the European Parliament’s ITRE committee voted for lowering roaming costs within the EU last week, a step in the right direction for FairRoaming’s continued attempts for lower roaming costs across Europe.

FairRoaming is an organization fighting for fair roaming costs in Europe, and has made major strides in its efforts at lowering roaming costs since its inception.

The successful vote with the ITRE committee last week follows a July 2011 proposal for lower roaming price caps, which consists of the following major points:

  • No more than 15 ct/min to make calls and 5 ct/min to receive calls by 2014
  • No more than 5 ct for sending SMS
  • No more than 50 ct/MB for internet access from 2012
  • No more than 20 ct/MB for internet access from 2014
  • Easier access for alternative operators to offer cheaper roaming services

The acceptance of the proposal is still pending with other European Union organizations, but, upon its acceptance, will result in roaming prices less than half of what is currently being charged, a great start on the road to fair roaming fees for everyone living in and visiting Europe.

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