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It’s been awhile since we’ve heard much of anything regarding the Tru GSM service and Tru Voice Over IP application. We had an interview with Tru Labs about the application and the specifics regarding its upcoming version.

All the hints and rumors we have been receiving are pointing to a very busy half of 2012. In fact, from what we hear, the new version of the app is about ready to enter the “internal alpha” stage, where it will undergo testing internally at Tru.

While it’s not a sure thing yet, we’re working to see if we can get exclusive access to the upcoming app when it reaches its internal beta stage to further test it and at the same time give the public a small preview of what’s to come. We will test the app for awhile and give our impressions. This will also enable us to assist Tru with tweaking the app prior to its public release.

By creating Tru Labs last year, Truphone, Ltd. took a big step into realizing that it has indeed fallen behind the times with regard to its VoIP application when compared to rivals such as Skype and Fring. Their newest update is on the desktop version of Truphone VoIP App (last month) which focused on stability improvements. On the mobile side, however, the application has not been updated in more than a year for all operating systems. iOS and Android received their last updates in March 2011. Meanwhile, the BlackBerry version has not been updated since December 2010.

So, the Tru application is definitely moving forward.

The Tru SIM GSM service is where our biggest questions — and our most important answers — lie. We have tapped Tru for any information regarding their upcoming Tru SIM plans, also including questions that Tru SIM users have wanted us to ask. We have pressed for accurate answers, not the same cryptic answers many customers have claimed to get from uninformed Tru customer service representatives trying to come up with any answers they can. While Tru’s customer service representatives are indeed helpful and some of the best we have ever dealt with, the fact of the matter is, they are every bit in the dark as Tru SIM customers are about the future of the product (or so it seems).

Here at TruTower, we always intend to dig deep, to find the answers beyond the cryptic puzzles. We report on rumors only when they have some validity to them; Many of the rumors regarding Tru SIM (and Tru App) that have passed through our inbox have been discarded if found to be completely without merit and without possibility. At this point, however, the possibilities for Tru SIM are many.

Our sources do confirm that Tru is in for a “busy second half of 2012.” It wasn’t specific if this was regarding Tru App, Tru SIM, or both. Either way, we will continue our efforts to report more on the Tru App, and shed some light on the wild and crazy puzzle that is Tru SIM.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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