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To end the week, we decided to touch a little bit on Truphone’s Tru SIM service in the form of an editorial.

Many of you have been asking for any news regarding Tru SIM. Unfortunately, Tru has been quiet about the future of the GSM service thus far. We have tapped the company for information regarding the service about a week and a half ago with some questions we’ve received from users but haven’t received a response as of yet. We’ll do what we can to get a response as soon as possible.

There are some things we do know about Tru SIM. There are many things we don’t.

Truphone did hint on Twitter this week about “something cool” coming soon. It hasn’t been confirmed as of yet whether this new “something” is regarding the Tru SIM or the Tru VoIP application, but we’re inclined to think it’s the former since the statement coincided with a customer’s Tru SIM question.

At this point, we’d like to confirm that the Tru SIM service will launch in new countries, or will get the bundle plans that users have asked about for so long. We can’t say anything yet, but despite being quiet for the past two years, Tru has recently started making some strides, especially with Tru App, which has recently entered its internal alpha stage, and we expect Tru SIM to be right on its heals.

That being said, as far as Tru SIM is concerned, roaming costs in Europe are going down (and growth in Australia and the United States is equally important), so we believe that it’s essential for Tru to come out with appealing data, text, and voice bundles and a wider range of available countries — and soon — in order to compete with local carriers (a vital part of long-term health and growth), grow their customer base, and improve the service for existing customers. Tru SIM is a very important part of Truphone, a part that has great potential, and we’re very excited over that potential.

What do you want to see from Tru SIM? Sound off in the comments!

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